Inner Wisdom

Why Has It Taken So Long

Here I am. Like many people, starting a blog. I actually wonder two things, as I do. One, how many people actually started their first blog on the same day that I did? Two, why the hell has it taken me so long to get started?

I suppose, as with many people, it was fear. Does it really matter what I think or how I feel? Will anyone relate to what I am saying or will it seem like the rant of a crazy person? The truth is, with a planet and a country filled with billions there is no way that not one single person will not understand the words that I am putting to paper… well, digital print. So here goes my first blog.

The reason that I started this blog is because I have always been a writer. From the time I could put letters into words I have been writing my own short stories as a kid, to poetry through my teenage angst. But growing up in the 90’s was the time when people looked down upon the starving artists, and wannabe writers. That you actually had to be someone of importance who completed copious amounts of college to become a “writer.” So why, now? Seemingly out of nowhere. I was asked to write a blog for a local bridal magazine website. To give my personal advice to brides all over the state of Michigan about love, inner and outer beauty, and romance.

In that moment I realized, I had so much to say that does not pertain to my career as a Pure Romance Consultant. With all the crazy life experiences I have had, I know that there are women everywhere who may fit into the same boat. Not just women, but men, too. Those of us, more than not, that have not taken the “traditional” routes of life. Those experiences gives us a particular perspective to let each other know that we are not alone. So here I sit on a rainy day in my office of beautiful Michigan starting another new adventure!

I will say this… I am one who doesn’t commit very well and as a person trying to type a blog once a day feels like torture. So I am committed to publishing once a week. So why not join me and Spill the T on Sundays as we have conversations your Grandma told you not to talk about.

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