Inner Wisdom

Louis Armstrong Had It Right

It is the smallest moment where you can catch a biggest glimpse of beauty.

While on my way home from another Girls Night In party I found myself completely in awe of the beauty that is our planet. Many times we are so busy trying to “capture” a moment that we miss the beauty in it. So, what did I see that invokes such feeling that fills my heart and brings me to tears?

As I was entering the curve of a major highway with a backdrop of light gray cloudy skies where the clouds looked like puffs of cotton candy and the wisps that slowly stretch out as you pull it away from it cushier counter part. The light green field of tall grass, and the dark emerald green of tree canopy is when I saw her. The unmistakable bright white head and tail against the dark brown body that Americans know to be our nations symbol of strength, a bald eagle. Its wings outstretched to meet the widest of wingspans as it took its downward beat to get higher into the air towards its resting place. Once the eagle reached higher skies I saw a rather sizable snake hanging from its talons, and in that moment I was reminded the delicate balance of nature.

Once closer to home and driving on the paved surface roads darkened by a day of warm summer rain showers, I saw a sudden movement in the roadway. It was a toad. I drove over his tiny little body with my tires straddling the roadway on both sides of where he sat in an attempt to avoid his death. My car slowed well below the 40 mph speed limit of the roadway in hopes of knowing if my small attempt had been a success. From my rear view mirror, in the dim light from the street lamp, I saw him hop towards his destination of lush wet grass, juicy summer bugs, and cool earth just on the other side of the roadway.

As I began to slow at the final stop sign of my journey that is when I saw the soft yellow flicker. The unmistakable twinkle of fireflies that danced in front the damp and brilliantly green foliage where water glistened upon the petals and leaves. They danced above the wet background and into the deepest of blue night sky. The strobing of their small bodies reminded of my childhood and that of my daughter. Where we, as many children do, dare to capture their magic in a jar.

Upon pulling into my driveway I turned off my car, opened the door and stood outside. I knew this was summer and Mother Nature had one last gift to bestow. I took in the deepest of breaths and in the dampness and humidity, I could smell the earth that surrounded me. And in the moment of my exhale I heard the song of our mother. The crickets, too, decided to join the night and play their song in harmony with the unseen tree frogs. As my day started just a dreary rainy summer day, it ended with more magic than any movie could ever capture. In those moments my heart was filled with a connection that can only be found within nature.

So why were these seemingly small and insignificant moments worth writing about? It is worth writing about because I found something that I have been searching for, just as others still do. Spirituality. While listening to the Kickass Life podcast by Andrea Owen on my way home, the topic of spirituality was up for discussion. How we as people find it in many ways and moments of life without a connection of churches and strict religious practices. I never really knew what my spirituality was or where I would find it, but I no longer have a doubt. My spirituality lies within Nature. To see the smallest of things like trees of green, red roses too, clouds of white, and skies of blue; how can you not think to yourself, What A Wonderful World.

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