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Act Four: The Beginning of A New Career

The last few years of my life have been a bit crazy. I left my law enforcement job of five years to work a full-time networking marketing business with Pure Romance. Now that I have had a small taste of entrepreneurship with this company I crave something more. Something all my own.

During my parties I give the party guests have the opportunity to ask me anything about being a Pure Romance consultant. The one question that always comes up is, “what do you love most about your job?” For the longest time I really didn’t know, but over the course of last year and a half, I realized that I love coaching our team members. Coaching women to make small changes and to gain the results they want most. To cheer them on and help them see the best in themselves. With that all said, I have decided to make some very terrifying moves, towards creating my own independent business, my own legacy, a coaching business.

I completely understand that I am not perfect and that I don’t have it all together. But who the hell does! What I know is that I have had a lifetime of experiences that have made me who I am and gives me the perspective to help people find what it is they need. While my experiences won’t specifically help them directly, it has lead me to this point in my life where my need to help people better themselves needs to be honored more. Some people will laugh and roll their eyes, because I haven’t hit the big bench marks and milestone of my Pure Romance business. I will. Believe me I will. I will not be giving up my business or backing down, but I will be making space and time for something more.

Here’s the truth, it makes anxious to think about what starting a business from scratch will take. Sometimes when I think about the magnitude, it makes me want to vomit. However in all that anxiousness deep down there is excitement for what’s coming next. In every job or career I started, I knew that it would not be long term. However, this makes my heart swell with joy, but more importantly, I know that this is my purpose. This realization is definitely after having many opportunities to explore.

After having my daughter before my twenty first birthday, I piddled around with what I wanted to do with life. I thought for a moment that I wanted to be a baker, so I joined a culinary arts program. Then I realized that required a shit ton of math. Next came a jewelry store, but that was not quite right, then came the hard work in school and the study of criminal justice, where I landed in law enforcement. I realized it wasn’t for me around my third year in. There where many things that helped me draw that conclusion, but the politics and work environment has a lot to do with it. Then I started PR and fell in love with the environment of it all, which ultimately lead to my love of coaching.

But here’s the thing. Most people will have five careers on average anyway. I have landed only on three thus far, army wife / stay-at-home mom, police officer, network marketing professional. At at thirty five it is so scary jumping into something new. Truthfully I only $9k in my retirement fund, and have my husband’s benefits. So when it comes to making it on my own I would have nothing. However, I am fortunate to have a spouse that supports me and my transitions.

When I started every one of those jobs, I knew they would not be forever. Even in year two of Pure Romance I knew that this wouldn’t be my only thing. I just knew. When I think about moving forward as a life coach, I get this feeling in my chest. My chest feels tight yet expanding, my heart feels like a fist is squeezing it but it could burst at the same time. All of these physical sensations aren’t medical, they are filled in joy. I never understood the difference between joy and happiness, until now. Until taking some time to learn me and who I am. To make strides in expecting more from others and from myself. So here goes one step on my journey to becoming a life coach, blogging about it. According to a video from Andrea Owen that I watched on YouTube, there are ten steps to do as you begin building a life coaching business.

  1. Decide what my business model will look like.
  2. Get clear on who I coach and what I help them with.
  3. Have a website that clearly identifies who I serve and what I do. (services & about page)
  4. Have an opt-in and provide great value to my audience (working on it)
  5. Hire help if I need too
  6. Coach my ass off
  7. Build a following
  8. Blog and communicate with your people regularly (again, working on it)
  9. Focus on one or two social media (oops… I have too many)
  10. Don’t Do it Alone (mastermind group)

I have created my own list of steps that I need to do to create my coaching business. The first is finding a training center to become a certified life coach. Then paying for it. While on some levels I am terrified of the failure, on the other hand I am excited for the adventure, and to help others find in themselves what they have been searching for or have lost (still thinking about #2).

So there it is. Come follow me on this crazy journey through the laughter, tears, and even the roll eyes, because no one can do it alone (see #10).

Than you for spilling it with me,


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