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Taking the Scenic Route

Stop. Enjoy the View.

As a child, growing up with a single mother was not easy. We lived in an apartment complex that was considered low income (I thought it was the best place ever), but it was home. Just a few short blocks away was Sunny Side Drive, a high end neighborhood, that sat on the lake of our town. As you can imagine, the houses were large with perfect brick exteriors, beautifully manicured lawns, shining cars in the driveway, and of course boats in the back of the house. It was what so many people dream about owning. Even us.

On the way home from the grocery store or visits with family, my mom would some times say, “Let’s take the scenic route.” And on the scenic route we would slowly drive though the Sunny Side neighborhood looking at all the beautiful things that we could never afford. The funny thing was there was never any malice, spite, or envy when talking about what we could not have. It was just a slow ride with a beautiful view to get to our destination.

It’s time for you to take the scenic route, too.

When it comes to achieving our goals we tend to forget to be present and enjoy the process. More often than not, we are too busy focussing on the results to see the beauty in between the beginning and the end. We never truly understand what it means to commit to the process and forget the outcome.

When was the last time you were present in the process of your life? Most times we are too busy scrolling, texting, and searching to enjoy the moment that we are in. To concentrate on your breathing as you run, to feel the squeeze of the muscle you are training, to smell flowers in the air as you walk to work or class. Do you even remember when you were present?

Being thirty-five in a body that I do not recognize and one that does not match my inner being, I see why becoming the person I want to be really has never worked. In my desperate attempt to lose weight I was always focused on the end results. When would it happen? Why was it not happening fast enough? What other fad diet can I do?

I realize that I have not been taking the scenic route. In being so focused on getting home I have not taken the time to travel a less familiar, but beautiful path. Here I am. Taking my time doing the work and enjoying every bit of the process, because that’s what makes it beautiful.

What scenic route will you take?

Thank you for spillin’ it with me,


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