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How Awesome is 2020 So Far?

Here we are. One month into 2020, and all the hype as already died down. “What is your next 10 years going to look like?” “2020 is my year!” “This is the year I finally lose weight!” “This is the year I get my finances in order.” You know all the things that we decide we want to do at the beginning of a new year, but add some hype with a new decade, and you have the magic of the universe in your hands. But if you are honest with yourself, have you really made any changes to make 2020 your year? Really? Or has life and all its complexities impacted your goals, progress, motivation, want, need , and drive? So lets start making YOU the priority. For real this time.

Pick One SPECIFIC Improvement.

When it comes to being your most authentic self it takes time, practice, and self-reflection. Note how I said self reflection not bashing. Being an asshole to yourself is not helpful and actually hinders what you really want. No child, spouse, or animal has ever improved with verbal or emotional abuse, and neither will you. So be kind on yourself when you are in self-reflection. Pick something that you know has been holding you back for quite some time, and choose to improve it.

For me, the first step was to learn to say, “I’ll think about it.” As a person who always wanted to be liked I said yes to A LOT of things! Things I didn’t want to do, things I was should have taken time to think about. I said yes because I didn’t want to disappoint people, which made me feel that they would not like me if I said no. When recognizing this about myself, I instead decide that I would tell everyone I would think about it. The important part to this is that I actually thought about it! Did I have time, where could I fit it into my schedule, why did I want to do it, etc. This habit even worked its way into my household.

Can I just tell you, how much less stress there was in my life! Saying yes was stressful, because of all the small details I didn’t take into consideration. The most stressful part was knowing that people were going to be disappointed when I backed out, and keeping my word was also important to me, so I was also disappointing myself.

So what is one thing you would like to improve?

Remain Conscious of What You Are Working On.

A physical reminder helps. Your mind is prepped and ready to subconsciously change as you sleep, but it is also prepped and ready to actively participate in change as you go through out your day. Take a moment and grab 3 sheets of paper. I’ll wait… Now fold them in half, top to bottom. Once you have decided on what you will improve upon, take the time to write down a mantra. For myself, I always repeated “thank you for asking. I will think about it.” This is helped me to stay accountable to myself, and the goal to improve this one thing that caused me so much stress, thus unhappiness.

So what will you be writing down? Need help? Send me an email, and we can chat about it!

Write this 6 times and tape these sheets of paper in the most visited spaces of your home, car, and office. Seriously. Your car!

Be Patient With Yourself . This Will Take Time.

Let’s see. Here are two common adages.

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day
  • Patience is a virtue

Take some time and browse Quote Ambition to find one that resonates with you.

Top 100 Greatest Patience Quotes And Sayings

Know that you WILL make mistakes, that you WILL slip, and that it WILL take time to make things stick. It is important and it will set you up for success. When you are prepared for patience then it doesn’t seem like it’s a never-ending task. Be kind to yourself as you gain patience.


The best part of the entire process is when you begin to do the positive change(s) you want automatically. You have been practicing, working on it, and making it a conscious effort and then the next thing you know it is a habit! Once you realize that you have been doing this positive thing automatically, it feeds your fire to pick something else to improve upon. You will also gain a sense of confidence in knowing that your life habits, circumstances, and personal traits are not fixed into your being. They can be changed or improved a little at a time! So, let’s make 2020 your b*tch and get back to those new decade goals, and new year resolutions that you started with such promise and excitement. Let’s help you meet those goals.

Thank you for spillin it with me,


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