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Action. Courage. Purpose.

Big things are happening!

ACP Coaching is live!

I wrote it here first! I was transitioning from my time as a network marketing professional to a personal coach. The dream has become a reality! In addition, I will be attending a 5 day intensive (online) to get certified and begin the track to credentialing! Now that I have shared my good news, please allow me to share with you the best tips I can to help you get closer to your goals.

Age Old Adages Are True

Fail to plan, plan to fail: I love the attitude of just get stared, however that doesn’t work for everyone, but more importantly there should be some sort of plan behind your dreams. It doesn’t have to be a complete and detail saturated plan, but getting the basic steps or outline helps.

A great example of this can be given from my time in law enforcement. We always would say, the body can’t go where the brain has never been. Due to lack of funding, law enforcement officers get the required minimums when it comes to training, but not enough practical time to be superior. But when you practice scenarios by walking / talking through them with your colleagues or in your head, you are still training.

There is an actual increase in effectiveness when you practice in your mind compared to those who don’t. So when it comes to reaching your goals it’s easier to navigate setbacks and challenges with more details than just winging it!

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast: When I was training with my (FTO) field training officer he would repeat this for everything I did, from writing tickets to reloading my weapon. Think about all those times you were in a rush, the stress and anxiety of needing to get it done ultimately landed you in hot water. Maybe you missed a crucial piece of information or forgot something in the race to get out of the door. Worse yet, maybe you got a speeding ticket!

When we are under stress, coupled with the pressure of being fast, that’s when you make the biggest blunders. However, when we just go at the usual pace, if not slower, we find less errors which always saves us time and headaches in the long run.

Just Do It! Nike couldn’t have made a better slogan! Ultimately at the end of the day, you can be bombarded with too many decisions and too much information, which can lead to inaction. Also, that analysis paralysis can be your way of not facing the fear of moving forward. So when you have the plan and the details you just need to DO IT!

I hope that you find this advice to be helpful, and if you need real guidance then maybe working with me might serve you well.

Thanks for spillin’ it with me,


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